What is chiropractic care and what does a chiropractor do?
Chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare focused on the human frame, diet, and prevention of disease.
We Focus On Three Areas Of The Body
  1. Human frame - our bodies and how they move, position, and function.  Collectively known as the musculoskeletal system.  
  2. Diet - The idea of food as medicine to help fuel this vehicle we call the human body.
  3. Prevention of disease - Finding, defining, and applying a healthy lifestyle.

Chiro means “hand” from the Greek word cheir and Practor means “done by” from the Greek word praktos.  Therefore, as a chiropractor I’m trained in hands-on assessment and treatment of the human body.

As a chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens my passion is to help people find pain-relief and improve their health, quality of life and performance naturally and non-invasively.

I believe that chiropractic care is the perfect response to physical pain.  There is nothing more powerful than highly skilled hands-on assessment and treatment which I like to collectively call manual medicine. I have yet to see anything quicker, more precise, or more effective in allowing: 

  • Restricted joints to roll and glide 
  • Shortened muscles to lengthen 
  • Immobile fascia and connective tissue to function

I believe in training movement over training strength. 

A healthy body likes to move and position itself well. When dysfunction is treated through hands-on care, the body can then be trained in proper movement.  By combining manual medicine with corrective exercises or what I like to call movement medicine we get an ideal pattern of mobility and stability in the human frame.  

The type of chiropractic that I practice is ideal for those experiencing physical pain and who want their bodies to move and function better.  Pain and/or a sense tension, feeling stuck, restricted, bound, stiff, inflexible, or tight are all well addressed with chiropractic care.  

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